Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Matrimonial Profile of an Indian Girl

The Following is the Bullshit Crap Posted by Girls or their Fathers, Mothers and Siblings on Matrimonial Sites, the reality altogether is something else:

Girls are traditional … and with a Fair complexion too.
They carry Positive attitudes and expect the same.
Their Priorities are more to family values and Indian culture.
They’re often simple and sober.
They’re sincerely from

core and strong will power.
They’re god fearing and trust on god very much.
They’re very Ambitious. (hmmm … sweet)
Hobbies: Cooking & Dancing (well, good, both can be performed simultaneously)
They believe in sanctity of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the Single Indian Male- Are you ready to take the responsibility


My Dear Single Indian Male Friends,

Today i will be sharing my thoughts on taking up responsibility, are you ready to take it. When I say responsibility , i mean the responsibility of getting married, responsibility of being a husband, responsibility of being a good father.How many of us are really willing to take up this challenge?????

I guess it is not easy to answer this question. Indian males choose not to answer it and why??? I myself don't know the answer.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the Single Indian Male-Celebrating Diwali

And then came diwali, for the first time in so many years i celebrated diwali with some friends. Over the Years, staying alone, I hardly celebrated festivals but this time it was different and believe me it was fun. All i can say to all my single Indian male friends is that no matter where you are and how lonely you may feel, but one must find good friends and celebrate festivals together.

Somewhere down you feel that you are a Human and a part of the society even it is just for a short period. The Photoblog follows Down:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the Single Indian Male-Rahul Bose is an Inspiration to Men like us.

My Dear Single Indian Men,

Have you heard of the Multi-talented Versatile Actor Raul Bose??? or atleast seen him in movies, well you must have seen him somewhere. I am enclosing his photo down below:

Yaaaa its him, remember seeing him somewhere???? Okay for starters those who don't know him, please get all the information from the wikipedia link mentioned below:

And of course he clearly mentions why he intends to remain single, so that he can pursue his interests, isn't that fun. We the single Indian men always try to find some Celebrity with whom we can relate with, someone who is living a happy solitary single life. And here it is.

You can also find a news article where he clearly mentions his single and advantages of being single.
Please find it in the link below:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Loneliness and Abandonement

With every day, every month and every year going by i deal with the Devil of Loneliness and the demon of abandonment. 15 long years of being lonely and 11 years of now being abandoned, i am still to come in terms with the pragmatic realities.

A life that has been going through Melancholia, i try to find answers, answer to what life is all about, i search and search the true meaning life.

I will however always remain ungrateful to the Indian Society that has given me the persistent feeling of abandonment, time and again. A society that I have now come to detest, so much that I have turned into a strong critic of the same.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the Single Indian Male- Save yourself from the Humiliation

Dear Single Indian Men,

First of all my sincere apologies for not having posted any of  my write ups. What to say, i was busy and then my Internet connection got expired , hence i had to recharge it. Anyways i am back.

Today I would like to discuss on the Topic of Humiliation that Single Indian Males undergo on a daily/weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual basis. I am talking about the Single Indian Male who is eligible for marriage.

Many of those who are reading this must have gone through the humiliating experience once in their life time. That experience that left you with shame for days or even months to an end.

Bhaveen Sheth-Diary of the Single Indian Male-Beware of the SIngle Desperate Frustrated Indian Woman

My Dear Friends,

Greeting on the Festival of Diwali, may this Diwali bring happiness in your lonely life and hope it fulfills your dreams in the coming year.

My writeup today focuses upon the single desperate frustrated Indian women and it is my duty to make all my single Indian Male friends aware of the dangers of seeking companionship with this dangerous species of its own kind.


It does not take rocket science to identify such females, they are mostly in their late 20's or early 30's with desperation and frustration stamped on their faces. They are cranky, moody, sad and often have emotional outbursts.