Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bhaeen Sheth-Some Random Thoughts-Part 8

I Watch House full 2. It is hilarious, provided you don't analyze the movie intellectually.

On Facebook i see one swine getting engaged to the beauty of his fantasy. This man took this very girl under the nose of his best friend and got a hardworking colleague out from work to take his position.

The Smile i see on his face, man!!!, it shows the achievement of a Negro winning over a White Female. No wonder the Sales of Fair and Lovely and Fair and Handsome are Sky rocketing.

I also see another married fellow openly flaunting his new wife in all types of poses on a beach.

People in Senior Positions sometimes don't know how to control their words, often sending wrong messages across to their colleagues and subordinates.

Pathetic Organizations get national awards, sad to see that Quality and Excellence Awards can be bought in this Country at a price.

Dysfunctional families are created by the very individuals who have no competency to run a famaily.

I ask my self where to go, whether the direction that i am taking is right or wrong?? Career Growth is all i want.

Travel,oh how much i love it, going to new places, the very excitement that comes when one is travelling.

I wait and i wait for the decisions to come and i hope they are the best for me.

Maximum Mumbai City, that's what a lot of people say. I fail to understand that how can you life your life, commuting 3 to 4 hours on a daily basis.

I read the news showcasing the recent gruesome murders in Bollywood. How desperation for money and glamour and lead  people to do horrendous things??

I remember a man who is trapped in a dysfunctional marriage, and the worst part about him is that his wive denies him sex as a punishment to him. No wonder he looks ans sounds so desperate. Every other word from his mouth is about Sex and F@#%. A Sexual Predator on a lookout.

Some good books, that what i need to relax and chill, hope i can lay my hands on them soon.

This is Bhaveen Sheth Signing of for the Day, will Be back with More.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Some Random Thoughts-Part-7

Just another Sunday!!!! It has become a routine thing in life.

I wait and wait for the replies to come. Patience after all is a virtue.

Exercises are taking a toll on me, feel tired day by day.

I read the book "The case of the Exploding Mangoes" and it gives me an insight of the fanatic and diabolical nature of General Zia ul Haq.

It is strange but it takes the innocence of a small child to remind you how beautiful the world is. Something that i have forgotten in all these years. I am amazed to see myself change my mentality and my nature infront of that child.

Rejections and more rejections that come through online matrimonial sites. Looks like the Institution of Marriage has been reduced to window shopping.

"I paid Rs 70,000 for my sons half yearly fees" This what one of my PG mate tells me. Looks like education is becoming an expensive luxury day by day.

I am happy to see that my Friend and colleague who did not have a job for months together has got a good job which is at a good location.

It can be heart breaking for someone at 55 and that too having many family responsibilities to be jobless. i have seen this friend of mine go through the same.

The discussion on the topic of my single comes up. My friend says that i should get married in a years time.It is amazing to see that people decide on your future without understanding your personal problems.

A happy family which stays together is the only thing that members of the Indian Society dreams and cherishes of every single day.

Facing difficulties and problems is something that our society is not accustomed of.

As i start aging, i strengthen my resolve of being fit and remaining healthy.

What is the point of chasing dreams and desires just in order to fulfill the demands of other people and stay a conformist to the norms of the Society????

Reading, watching movies, exploring and blog writing and many other passions to pursue.How can one abandon them just to take the social responsibilities of the Society.

And what society am i living in?? A society which runs on doubles standards, one which practices hate and discrimination,where people are tied in the bond of sufferings!!!!!!!

The biggest problem is that there are a few people who have taken the courage to stay away from the norms of this society, and i am proud to say i am one of them.

I don't know what the future has in store for me. But i promise my self to live a happy life and pursue my interests and passions.

Day by Day i work on improving my Business and Corporate Communication and i very well know that it is this skill that will take me ahead.

I now begin my journey of consolidation and and try to reach the apex of the summit that i want to be at.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-The Desire for a Home on the Konkan Coast

Nothing can be beautiful for me than having a Home on the Konkan Coast. The breath taking views, the breeze, and the marvelous Arabian Sea.


I know that this will make some faces turn and some people will grimace, but i am a person who would like to enjoy the beauty of the nature. The Maniac Metro cities offer nothing but chaos and pollution. Where is peace and serenity???

A house , no matter how small it will be is something i want to have. The beauty of being relaxed on a chair, reading a book and sipping some cold tea, facing the Arabian Sea and Enjoying its breeze is enthralling.

The sun kissed beaches and the Blue waters, the breeze blowing on your face, the solitude that you experience and the tranquility that you feel. Can life be any better than that.

How exciting it is to always take a break from the hectic life in the metros and experience mental peace and calm on the Coastal Beaches. There are plenty of beaches on the Konkan Coast which remain untouched.

I just Imagine myself walking on those beaches, swimming and snorkeling to explore the underwater life and sitting by the beach just seeing the waves come ashore.

And one day i will make it reality. I will have a small but beautiful house on the Konkan Coast.

The powers of the Universe will support me on the same.

This Is Bhaveen Sheth Signing of for the Day!!!! Will return with more later.