Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Some Random Thoughts Part 3

I do feel guilty at times.

Abandoning an Individual who had taken made professional changes only by trusting me.

Abandoning Entrepreneurs who took my support to start their project.

But then i tell myself that i was not responsible for all the mishappenings.

I try now to redeem my self.

Situations, Circumstances and people have made me realize the potential that i have and the skills that i can use.

Have got a bit lazy in between, but will have to come back to normal self.

Am trying to keep my sanity.

Leadership Skills will ow be gradually be developed and put to use.

Till then i will keep on working and achieve my goals.

This is Bhaveen Sheth, signing out for the Day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bhaveen Sheth-Some Random Thoughts Part-2

Trying to relax and watch the situation unfold.

Cataclysmic Events are taking place, all hell has broken loose.

Fire Fighting has been initiated, reminds me of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

No attention was given to the existing problems in spite of  repeated warnings.

The powers that be, who were constantly being updated on the situation were reclusive at that time.

Strange to see that the same people are now trying to save name, face and reputation.

Blame Game is the norm of the Day.

No one is willing to take any individual responsibility.

Disappointments and Disillusionment is seen everywhere.

Greed and Ego has ruined everything.

And now Bhaveen Sheth signs off for the day, will come back tomorrow, would like to put in more thoughts.

Bhaveen Sheth

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some Random Thoughts-Part One

Some random thoughts always come in my mind and before i let it escape from my head, let me pen hmmm................ well blog post it down.

  • I try to live in peace, some people don't want me to.
  • Some people are desperately trying to protect their backs and bottoms that they shall go to any extent to get things done.
  • No one is willing to take the responsibility, everyone is trying to toss the ball.
  • Tempers run high when all hell breaks loose.
  • Instant Gratification is all that people want, be it in business, service or personal relations.
  • Greedy people look out for instant revenues, they expect that their staff's are blessed with a Midas touch and will turn everything into gold wherever and whatever they will touch.
  • Over promise and under deliver or in some cases don't even deliver has become the motto of the present times.
  • The employee is your temporary negroid slave, he is there to serve you and has no personal life of his own.
  • Work hard, put in efforts, trouble shoot problems, manage difficulties on your own, handle difficult people and ther over inflated egos and things even more than that, but in the end nothing matters, what matters is Money and only money.
  • "Invest in something only when you understand it", "Who said that?????" Well it was Warren Buffet, sad that today also greedy fools invest in something that is rocket science to them but gives them the fake dream that they will become reach in a fortnight.
  • Frustration, hatred, irritation, anger, rage, grudge and many other negative emotions meet on crossroads in the head of these people when their dreams of instant Gratification are not fulfilled.
  • Dignity and self respect is lost when one has to work for such type of people.
  • On the personal note, some guy coming form one of the most backward areas of this country where the sex ratios of Males to Females is 1000 to 869, where girls are born to die, makes a critical comment on my being single.
  • 'You are 30, you should be the father of a five year old by now" says  the 25 year old wearing the latest brands available in the market but, has the mentality of an Indian living in India that used to exist before its independence.
  • Can't understand why??? That ,when any ordinary citizen in this country gets married, he becomes a self styled preacher to the society educating everyone and anyone on the sheer joys of Matrimony.
  • Meet the same guy after 10 years and ask him a Question, "My Friend, how is yourmarried life going??? You do not need him to reply and elucidate the same, one look at him shall explain it all.
  • He will be pot bellied, hairs greying  that make his head look like a pigeon nest, trying to make ends meet, paying all the EMI's  that he has taken, hating his job, getting insulted by his boss not only a daily basis but on an hourly basis, a wife who feels that he is the most worthless husband existing on this planet, kids who neither respect him nor whom he can control or discipline.
  • Then I ask this man "Why did you get Married?" Are you Happy, as you were 10 years back??
  • Indian men are socially conditioned to take the support of a Female, Mother and Sister in the Initial years, Grilfriend in the adolescent and teenage years and Wife and Daughter in the later years. Imagining life without a woman is a nightmare for them, they will cringe,criticize and hate their woman but in the end they will always go back to them. No matter how good/Bad she is.
  • And as of now i want to read, write and study , so for gods sake i hope i am left alone.