Friday, January 27, 2012

The Week that comes to an end with a Friday

Finally, Friday has arrived and i am still waiting, waiting for the decision of the people who are running the boutique consultancy.I have sent my replies and given them a firm answer. However there is no decision and now that I too don't care.Neither is my money nor is my reputation at stake, a salaried professional like me doing mercenary work, he/she does it till the time he/she wants and then they are free to go and work else where. Hence from now onwards i have stopped bothering and will stand firm on my decision.

I spent some time outside today and posted a letter. Yesterday i had gone to attend a Bhajan of Shirdi Sai Baba just near my House.I was at peace with my self after that. At times religious songs can bring solitude in your life.

Some people have called me and mailed me to take my opinion on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.It just makes me realize that i have started climbing the stairs of the mountain top that i want to reach one day. I pride my self as a knowledge specialist, gathering and assimilating Knowledge and finally leading to its ultimate implementation.

I have no dreams of gaining publicity and appreciation.In all my years that i have spent i have realized that people who shine in the Media with their so called talents and really not the most talented people when you meet them.

And what media are we talking about??? The Media that is the prostitute of the Rich?? A media that works on the cash paid by whoever can pay them so that they can get some cheap publicity??

I am happy to work behind the curtains, i am happy to work in the Shadows, i am happy to be the Dark Knight.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

EMPTY THREATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Empty threats, this is a common tool that weak and manipulative people apply on others to suit their needs or get their work done. Amazing, just to see that these people think that they can get far by doing this.

Putting Fear and Paranoia in the minds of others and disrupting their normal life becomes a normal thing.This eats up the mind of the poor innocent victim and the poor man/lady starts living in fear and bows down to the Manipulative Tormentor.

Matters that are small and simple are made complex and blown out of proportion, a imaginary mountain is made out of a molehill and more nightmares are created which is nothing but an artistic figment of imaginations of the Tormentor to mentally harass the victim. 

The victim is then given a Devils Alternative, which he has to accept whether he likes it or  not.

But no, i would say no, don't bend down to such people, they are only doing this nonsense to get their thing done and protect their Back.I would say go ahead , face the problems, who is he or she to dictate your life??
Common statements used are, "the boss is very angry with you or your work", "such and such behavior and action will severely impact your career". And at times you realize that such things are never for real, it is just a statement made to scare you so that you give in to the needs and demands of your tormentor.

This is the truth, the real truth, i shall never ever give in to the demands of these worthless manipulative people. Why should I?? All they want is to get their things done and that is all .

i have stopped thinking for others and now started things for myself. Let me face my primal fears, let me face the danger, let me live my life, because i and only i have the license to control and regulate my life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A hand of Help Entended to Someone

I am no Samaritan, i am no prophet.I am just a single person, what a single man can do?? Well he can do a lot, History has shown that the determination of a Single Man/Woman can set of revolutionary changes.

I am not trying to set off any revolutionary changes, i am only trying to help my friend/Senior Colleague.He is looking for a good job and is trying his best, but things are not working in his favor.I just wish he finds the job so that he can earn his salary and his dignity can be restored.

I am trying my best to help him out. I have started the process and will see to it that he gets the job that he wants.I am trying aggressively, have shifted by working pattern from an Defensive to an Offensive side.

And i know that he will get a job

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Week that Starts with a Monday

As the day starts, i go around my daily work of reading and learning. Yesterday was just amazing; i was floating into a world filled with intellect and knowledge. I hope all days go the same way like it went yesterday. Today also i wait, wait for the Marwari to call, but nothing as of now. 

Some people don’t understand; don’t realize that they have put their foot on a landmine knowingly. Same is the case here. And as of now i don’t really care, a senior colleague of mine told me that i should think form the head and not from the heart. Professional Decisions are taken keeping one’s benefit in mind and not for the benefit of others. But then also for the sake of ethics i did the opposite, however the powers that be are not concerned, not concerned about the work that I do and the time that it consumes. Hence i too have stopped caring

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Poignant Story of my Freind Who was Without a Job

As i speak to this friend of mine, i realize that how difficult is it for a man to live without having a proper job.

He left his last job 8 Months ago and is still looking for a job. Countless Interviews and Meetings have gone by and still there has been no solution.

This man has a good education, professional experience and a very good character. His Honesty and Integrity is beyond any doubt, the only problem that is coming in his way is his age. However he is a man who is fit and is ready to work and give his best both mentally and physically.

Every time his phone call comes and i feel sad, i listen to him and empathize with him, that's the best that i can do. There is always an answer asked about what has happened. A desperation to get back on a job, a need to work and earn money for a decent living.And morever to get back and maintain self respect and dignity.

There can be no other pain other than being unemployed and being ridiculed by family members and friends. And if a person has responsibilities on his head, then things are more difficult.
I just pray that this friend of mine gets the job that he wants so that he can get back on track and live his life without much problems. I just pray that god stops testing hi, his patience and shows salvation.

I just hope the nest for him, meanwhile i keep on looking for leads.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Relaxed Sunday

I am Happy, i am feeling good, i am relaxed and i am sane. There is no fear, there are no negative thoughts on what is going to happen.

A week ago this was not the case,but now things are different. 

I am reading newspapers, magazines and my favorite books.I am happy at the way life is going. The high that i am getting from reading, writing and acquiring knowledge is just amazing.

If i chart things for myself i feel that my life should be like this always. I will never be dominated nor my life should ever become a Hostage to the whims and Fancy of others. Who are others to dictate my life, my happiness and my peace????

This is my life and no one shall take anything away from me.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am not your slave

No Sir/Madam,

I am not your slave, i am not some human being who is bought to do laborious work.

I shall not work at your whims and fancy. I demand to be treated with respect.I am not an uneducated person but an educated professional who has good educational credentials.

I would like to be spoken to politely and not rudely.

My work profile needs to be made and justified, i am not here to take all burdens.I am not a donkey and it is a big mistake if you thought me to be one.

You pay me a monthly salary and i am not your servant for the rest of life.

It is your mistake if you think that you can give me demeaning jobs below my dignity and then shout at me if they are not done.

I demand my freedom and independence to work, i can't work with your 24*7 interference.

I demand my basic employee rights,the  right to have a 21 days of paid leave, one day weekly off. Is that too much to ask?????

I demand complete operational independence in work without any bureaucracy or red tap-ism. Do you find that to much to give??

I promise to deliver results in the time period that i have mentioned.

I cannot be pulled up or asked every alternate day on revenue generation or on the need for the justification for my  salary.

I cannot cheat and give false hopes to my clients just to satisfy your greedy interests.

That's why i shall leave, i am not like the other slaves who have no other choice but to serve you for the rest of your life.

I am a professional and my skills are required by good organizations who will respect me as an individual.

You will never understand my value and i don't need to justify the same.

Your loss shall be someones gain.