Saturday, June 4, 2011


At times I feel that that for a decade I have been under the obligation of someone or the other. Someone  has  obliged me by giving me money, someone by giving me food, someone by a home to stay and someone has either given me a job or save me from trouble either in professional or personal life and at times people have told me on my face that they are doing a  big favor by obliging me. My  self-respect and alter ego has been compromised at times because I am in some way  I am indebted to them.
I remember that when I came back to India on 21st Dec 2010, I did not even have a place to go back to, not even a home, no one to welcome me warmheartedly. At this point I felt that I had become a refugee in my very own country similar to the Kashmiri Hindu pundits who had to leave the valley in the 90’s.
I have made some promises to myself and have made it very clear that never again I shall be under anyone’s obligation, not even for a single penny. In the 3 to 4 years to come I want gain as much knowledge and insight into Healthcare Quality and Training  so as to become a star employee for any HR Recruiter or Head Hunter and on the personal front have a small home of my own under my name so as never in future I will ever be destitute, nothing can hurt me more that the fact that I am today a Homeless Orphaned Destitute. Destiny took away my sister and my parents and left me all alone in this world, I did not complain, with time my wound healed.
But what happened then was out of my control what happens now is in my control and I shall see to it that I try to make the best of my life.

Looks like the Tipping Point Has started

31st May 2011

It will always be a day to remember; we made a major breakthrough and got our association with the important doctors. Amazing, the patience of Kaul sir and Himanshu sir paid off, it was their relentless efforts that paid off. Amazing!!! Kaul sir had told me once that there would be a tipping point one day when rapid positive changes would occur and it seems that we heading for it.
Let’s hope that things suffice and we achieve our goals and one day IASO Solutions will reach the Zenith. Our hard work and dedication and the blessing of god will pay us off.