Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Visit made by Wd Cdr Arjun Sir

My boss, mentor, philosopher and flat mate made a visit to Ahmedabad last week. We recollected of our old days when we used to stay in Rushin Appartments in Anandnagar, Satellite, our working together at Shalby Hospitals, the ups and downs we had and today of course we both are working at good places. I will never forget Arjun sir, a true example of an Officer and a Gentleman.

My Birthday Celebrations- Turning 29

Well what can i say, i turned 29 on 13th May 2011, the last year of my 20' s and my enetering into the the 30's. It was good, with Hazel Madam bringing the cake and me cutting it with all my office colleagues. It made me feel Human, i don't know when was the last time i even celebrated by birthday, 13th may had just become another day. But it is okay, these celebrations will go for some years maybe another 3 or 4 and one day when i will pack up my bags and leave this place, 13th May again will become another day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Indian Marriage system is flawed

Strange but true, at times i have felt that marriage as an institution has failed at times. People don't want to give each other time. All the want is instant gratification, immediate marriage. People fail to understand that it takes time to know a person, to understand him/her, to know the likes and dislikes of one another.

Everyone wants instant results, like 2 minute noodles, which of course is not possible.

When will people be able to understand?? Just because you want to get things done fast , you cant expect others to do the same. Decisions of a lifetime cannot be taken in one or two months.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ms CHARU SINHA- My Family, Gaurdian, Prtotector, Counselor and Mentor

There are times in your life when god sends a Samaritan who helps you in your times of distress and guides you wisely. Charu Sinha is one of them , it was in the year of 2006 that we had met in Hyderabad and our bonding has been so great and even after 5 years on we have a strong relation.

For a person like me who has had no one in this world  CHARU now is my family and i know that she is fiercely protective for me. There is a lot of contribution of hers in making me reach the position that i have today and charu is and will always be the final decision maker in some aspects of my life.

Why I love my individuality and love to remain Single all my life.

I just love my single status. The fact that as my age goes by my single status does not change. It remains the same. People or so called members of our Honourable Indian Society keep on asking, you are not married, why?? What is the reason? When can we expect the good news?? I feel like swearing the filthiest bad words to these people who can’t mind their business, these experts or so called self styled preachers who have taken to solve the problems of the Society.

I just love being single for the fact that I have a lot of freedom to do things my way. The ability to take decisions on my own, to live a life of my own, to pursue my passions, hobbies, going to places where I want. Of course the professional advantage is the ability to relocate; this helps me in winning brownie points in front of my employers.

I am accused, criticised that I am running away from commitments that I don’t have the ability to take up responsibility, that I am not a wasted failure on the personal front. These so called preachers with white/gray/black hair have nothing better to say.
I have seen it all; in the 29 years of my life I have seen this society from a close angle. There are people who are not fit to get married but they do, WHY?? Well ,maybe at a young age they were driven by testosterone/progesterone/oestrogen/pheromones, they fell is some stupid puppy love with each other only to realize that life was not a bliss after marriage, that things change, and they didn’t expect that to happen.

The other crowd gets married out of fear and repression of the Indian Society. These boys who still need their Moms to cook for them and wash their clothes, guys who have not even gone too the bathroom to take a piss without their parents permission. They may have achieved a lot professionally but  its of  no use , they are stuck in dead end jobs, with nothing to look ahead, their H1-B visa Status, Green card, or five or six figure salary is their gateway to a beautiful homely Indian girl who will be a prostitute for him in bed, a maid servant to wash his dirty stinking clothes and of course the Indian Homely girl for his parents and not to forget a trophy wife to shown off to his friends and last but not the least a second revenue earner. They guys get such girls also because in India even the most educated girls are threatened to get into this marriage alliance because such a marriage ensures stability.

Coming back to the topic of discussion, I want to say that a lot of people don’t discover themselves and it happens a lot in India. Let m give you a standard timetable set by the Indian Society for the youngsters:

Finish your education by the age of 22 or 23

Get a decent well paying job by 24

Work hard till 26

Start Searching a Bride (the same crap requirements of the Indian Society)

Get married by 26

ENJOY for 2 years ( In other terms have maximum sex with your wife for 2 years, ya, and even try out all the positions and fantasies which you saw in porn movies right from your adolescent age on your wife not even asking her or considering her emotions and feelings)

By 28 become a father- Because that’s the proof of your Manhood and a prized satisfaction for your parents as they become grandparents, old hags who could not handle one generation properly is now willing to take on the next)

And after that???? Start living a Mediocre life of an unworthy existence, stick to a mediocre job because it pays good, creativity and career development goes for a toss.
Come home and there are responsibilities to handle, social gatherings to go to and many more requirements to be fulfilled.

 Of course and I forgot, comparisons start, my wife is beautiful than your, his son/daughter scored more marks in the exam, our daughter is more gifted than your son. We have a bigger house than yours, our car is much better. This is how the society looks after marriage.

I have seen men change after marriage, once they were nice decent Samaritans; suddenly they have become the Satan’s follower. They become greedy because their wives are pushing them to bring more money home. Many of these guys become mentally and sexually frustrated because either their wives deny them sex in order to punish or tame them or after pregnancy their wives don’t bounce back to the pre-natal stage, all they do is talk about women and sex, they turn in sexual predators who are just waiting to pounce on any innocent unsuspecting girl, they discuss girls and sex everyday in office, work gets overshadowed. Because of lack of understanding in the marriage, a vacuum develops which brings in an emotional barrier, proper communication stops, and now that they have a child they don’t want to part ways, they have joint EMI’s to pay for everything they have purchased. And of course they have fears in them that what will happen if they separate?? How will parents feel?? What will the society say?? Will I be able cope as a single person again? How will I be able to live lonely??

I love being single because I want to live like a KING, you don’t need a million dollars to live like a king. I want to get up in the  morning, go for a long running/jogging session , come back, get ready for work, do the work I enjoy the most, return and go for swimming, have a nice dinner, read a book/watch a movie/or update myself something on my profession.

I want to achieve excellence in my field of work and keep myself fit, to achieve the fitness levels of athletes so that I can combat ageing. I want to travel, to go to places in India and abroad.

I accept the fact that I cannot handle the responsibility of a Marriage, of having a family life. At least I have the courage to accept my shortcomings, how many people have the ability to do so in this case??

I guess some people are jealous of single people, so they threaten you with the age old question ‘What will happen to you in old age’. My reply to such cynics is that I have plans for that and I will take care of myself.

I will life the life of adventure so that tomorrow when I go to my graveyard, I will not go with regret that I did not live my life.

Fanatic Obsession

DATE:25th April 2011

I wonder that does such a thing exist; I have seen that people have fanatic obsession towards something, some have it towards their profession, some have it towards their hobby, some are obsessed with glory, many are with Money and material aspects and of course there are religious fanatics whose obsession towards their religion causes destruction in this world.

But I wonder can someone be obsessed with a person, I mean really be so obsessed with a person that he/she shall not let it go.

I never thought that’s such thing existed until 72 hours ago, when the suddenly my life took a 360 degree turn.

I feel that at times some people come across something good, something so nice that they can’t let it go. They have been searching such a thing eternity when one day fate just made them come across it and they know they shall not find such a thing in future so they just want to cling to it and want to achieve it at any cost.

However this type obsession at times can be detrimental, because when dreams tear apart the life of these people is shattered.