Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Becoming a MAVEN and a Connector of Healthcare Quality

Yesterday I just finished reading the book called ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwel. It mentioned a very important point that in the power of few lies the ability to spread a social epidemic of an amazing magnitude that would bring a radical change.

In that three people have the power, the first being the connectors, the second being the mavens and lastly the persuaders.

I aim too be the Connector and Maven of Healthcare Quality. Maven in Hebrew means a collector of items, a connoisseur and an expert. The maven has a knack to transform complex technical matters into simple lay mans language and present it to the general population so that they can understand. With this and combined with the ability to connect with others either as a person or through social online network, I believe in spreading the word of healthcare Quality.

Healthcare Quality is still in its neonatal stage in India, that neonatal stage which does not intend to grow up at all. The management of many Hospitals even today have a lackadaisical attitude towards healthcare Quality. For them it means nothing but a waste of Money.

The problem being very simple that Healthcare industry has its own share of miserly capitalist sharks who believe that Healthcare in a business(I don’t deny that) and think that they should be able to rake in maximum profits they can in a short period of time.

Patient Safety is the last thing in their mind; the life of the patient does not matter to them, even when the patient dies these creatures are more interested in getting money out of the dead.

At times I feel that these people have sold their souls to the devils and will feed on partially dying people as well.

The message of the need for Healthcare Quality and Patient safety is to be spread to the masses. The fact that every patient and his/her relative should be  aware of the different safety systems that the Hospitals need to have and take treatment according.

I believe that I will do it and the Hospital Owners will come to know about the need for Healthcare Quality, Patient Safety, Risk Assessment and Management, Occupational Safety and Environmental Safety.

Hopefully this social epidemic will spread.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Online Social Networking-The new skill I discovered

When you set on a path of self discovery and self realization, you realize that that you have skills buried inside you which have been dormant for so many years. Skill you never realized you had and later when times tested you they just came out.

Just like a spark which starts an engine, there are events that trigger your inner power.

That’s what I realized that I had the power of online social networking buried deep within me; it just took me some time to realize my potential.

Online social networking, one of the most important required skills required for corporate organizations to thrive in today’s world.

The decision is made, to promote IASO Solutions ubiquitous and omnipresent in the world of internet that everyone can see what it is.

Come what may I shall learn all the required skills for online social marketing and combined with my command over English language, I shall promote IASO Solution.

This process starts from tomorrow.

The path of self realization and self discover has really helped me a lot.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Purpose in Life

Everyone comes at a critical juncture in their life at some point when they realize their purpose in life. What they really need to do and for what have come for in this world.

I have realized mine. I want to ensure Better Quality of healthcare services and above that ensure patient safety.

It requires setting up a Quality management system in place and creating a quality and safety culture within the hospital.

This should not be restricted to Hospitals only, it needs to go beyond, to small health care organizations, Clinical Laboratories, blood banks, imaging centres wellness centres and hopefully in the near future even nursing homes.

Healthcare Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental safety and information security systems safety will be the facets that need to be covered. It’s my ambition to cover all these aspects and go ahead.

First I will need a good understanding of all the above subjects, which will require extensive reading, later I will have to go for certifications and then implement my learning’s into the work place and I know that with the universe in my favour I will achieve it.

Radiating positive thoughts and meditating on my dreams will help me achieve my goals as I know that the law of attraction will work in my favour

Negative people can only spread negativity

I come across these negative people who have nothing to do but spread negativity, they carry negative thoughts and negative attitudes along with them. And when they open their mouth they only speak of words filled with depression, sadness, dejection, despondency, dolefulness, darkness, gloominess and hopelessness.

They create an aura of depression and hopelessness encompassing anyone  who comes near it. Even positive people who are trying to keep up some hope are consumed by this vicious circle.

At times I wonder what makes some people so negative, bad experiences in life or is it that these people have too many desires.

These people can never see any light in darkness, they don’t know that one day salvation will come down from the skies and will protect us from any harm; along with this it shall redeem us from all our sins.

But no ,these people can’t be patient, if anything goes wrong they start doing a dooms day analysis, they think that the world sill collapse. These people are not connected to the universe, they don’t understand the power of positive thoughts, the law of attraction, that if you remain positive and send of positive thoughts of your desire to the universe, the universe shall respond accordingly.

In my life, following are the statements I have heard from Negative People:

  • I am like this only, I can’t change the way I am

  • I am too old to learn

  • He/She is earning roaring money, I am not earning so much

  • They did their MBA from this premier institute and they are earning such a big salary, only we people in the healthcare profession get such a miserly pay.

  • Administration people in Healthcare are treated badly.

  • The expenses of running my family are so much.

  • Education has become so expensive; it is difficult to afford education for one child.

  • I am so ugly/short/fat/dumb, I shall never get married

  • Everyone is making instant money; I am stuck in a rut

  • We don’t get any projects, Hospital owners don’t want to spend any money

  • This company is getting so many clients, we are not getting anything

I would like to tell these people that go outside and enjoy your life, the small things that god has given you, try to enjoy it and take care of it.

I have seen that internally their souls are disturbed, a combination of greed, multiple desires, negative experiences, and instant gratification. These  don’t have any patience.

I try to use the techniques that I have learnt for my Reiki teacher in order to prevent negative influences coming onto me, I try to get away form their sphere of negative influence.

I try to remain positive and try to emanate positive thoughts.

Change comes for within; I try to change myself every passing day. I know that with the coming times I will enrich my soul. Because when I leave this world I will take my souls along with me, an enriched soul.

Charu Gets Engaged

I felt so happy though i could not be there, my sweet little dear sister got engaged on 14th of April 2011. I believe it is one of the most happiest moments in her life. I promise that i will be there for her marriage, wish you all the best my dear.Shall all the happiness come in your life .

Friday, April 1, 2011

That trip to Udaipur

29th March 2011

We made a professional visit to Udaipur, it was amazing, went around the city to different hospitals and met a lot of people, overall a very good experience. Below is the  Photographic description.

                                We start the Journey to Udaipur from Ahmedabad, Jodhpur Cross Roads
                                      Crossing in to the Old city of Ahmedabad

                          A long wait at Choudhary Hospital in Udaaipur

                                          In fornt of Choudhary Hospital
                                           Dr Durgesh fixing up the contacts

                                           Travelling in the auto
                                             Dr Durgesh in the Sharing auto
                                           Some place in udaipur

                                            Auto Once again

                                            At last we reach Aravali Hospital

                                            On the way to Udaipur Goverment College
                                             Such a steep ramp, does any one care for patient safety???????
                                             Bikes inside the Hospital, Amazing?????
                                           With the Incharge of Aravali Lbs
                                         Goverment College Udaipur

                                           On our jorney back to Ahmedabad

                                           What a frustrating trip
                                            Dr Durgesh- is he doing Financial Analysis of the bus?? HIHIHIHI
                                          Heights  of  frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

                                         Reached Home at last, so tires , it shows on my face!!!!