Saturday, March 26, 2011

The making of Aloo Paratha by Our cook Ramesh, Brilliant Dinner

Yesterday Mr Ramesh our cook at the PG Accommodation made Aaloo Parathas, good food, we all savored the taste.Below are some photographs in the making of Aaloo Paraathas.

Some Lazy Times Spent at Home

The pictures below are some memoirs of the lazy times i spent at the PG Accommodation , resting ,eating and watching Television.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My New Motor Scooter

2011 was the year when i got my new motor scooter. It was TVS Wego, complete body balanced bike. 

It was amazing , the power that one would get just driving all around the city, it was a mojor confidence booster.

Those Times as a Paying Guest

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Important Decisions

After a long time, i have come to some very critical decisions in my life. One important decision is to stay single all throughout my life. I have reached this decison after a lot of thought having realized that i am nothing but an outcaste, an orphaned homeless destitute who neither has a family or any home to go back to.

For more than one decade i have been searching for a permanent home, but have not been able to, i have just been moving from place to place but still don't have a permenant home.I used to think that one i day i would find a good life partner, get married, settle down.But things did not go as i wanted to. Maybe i did not realize that in the Indian Society your professional excellence does not matter, your character, your individual personality does not matter, no matter how good you are, nothing matters if you don't have a family.I had forgotten that orphans like me have no say in this society, they are the unsaid outcastes of the Indian Society, whom no one wants to associate with.

Every girl's daughter wants a suitable groom who comes from a good family background and a decent home, and since i don't fit into that profile no one wants to have an alliance with me. i even tried for divorcees, but even they have rejected me, that is the level of discrimination i have faced, people ask me where are your parents and i say i have none, after that people make faces and don't want to talk any furthure.

I will work hard and hopefully in the coming years apply for a Masters in Healthcare Administration in Canada and go there for a permenant settlemement and never look back. I will start work for it from today itself.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Quality Certfication

Well, i am elated, i have earned my first certification in Healthcare Quality the lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification . The program training was for 3 days at Hotel Anmol International in Ahmedabad. Seen above in the picture from left to right is me ,Dr Durgesh, Dr Rahul and Mr Dharmarao. It has been a confidence booster, i have started to look at things from a Quality point of View.

The premises were good and so was the training methodology and the cost at which we got this certification was also reasonable. I still will need to go for more Certifications. My aim one day is to become a Quality Head for a Corporate Group of Hospitals.