Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time to leave

Well, today is the time to leave the apartment i am staying in which has been provided to me by Shalby Hospitals.I came here on the 1st of August, and have spent six and half months here. I loved it, i could live independently, got my airtel internet connection here, ordered the food i liked and had my house leaned by the Hospital Janitor.I also saw some good and tumultuous moments in this place. The good news of the job offer was also received here.

Stayatriveni Apartments, i will miss u a lot. Thanks for everything , you certainly were an auspicious place.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Decade of Lonliness


The Year 2000, that was the year i left home for my Higher Studies. Tragic events and Incidents took place and i hardly came home. I chose to remain single. People say that loneliness is one of the greatest aphrodisiac one can ever be addicted to. I will agree with that. However in that last 10 years i have undergone a tremendous personality change. There are pro's and con's of everything. I will mention the effects of loneliness.

I have become so addicted to stay lonely that i can't share my place with anyone, a room mate would be an encroach er who will disturb my personal place.

I grew apart from the Indian Society.Marriages, Social Gatherings and all such events make no difference to me.

Festivals have come and gone, i stooped feeling the excitement i used to feel during my childhood.Even my own birthday does not bother me, it is just another day for me.

I hate going to public places, just can't stand the crowd.

I have lost all emotions, have no feelings anymore. I don't know how, but it happened, so much that today i can't even understand other people's feeling.

Loneliness has made me develop a phlegmatic stoical antipathy towards the Indian Society, so much that i hate it and more is the hatred for the Institution of marriage.I don't understand why do people get married.

Solitary Existence has become a part of my life.

I find it difficult to relate to any other person on an individual level.

There is some form of isolation felt even in crowds.

I am very fearful of getting into any relationship for the fear of being rejected, abandoned and disillusioned.

However i found new hobbies, i love to read, watch movies, go to swim or exercise.I can do a lot on my personality development. Also i can concentrate much better on my career.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Women I Admire-Part 2


That's Sandhya Mridul, the smart Alec next door.She has a way of carrying herself, extremely confident and talented she radiates intellect.
I just can't stop admiring her