Monday, January 25, 2010


My time is coming and it is coming soon.I am praying that everything goes well. I will miss the place, the people and the bonds that i have made with people.

I will miss everything but what to do, all good people have left and now its my time to go, i cant work here anymore, the toxicity is increasing day by day and things are turning from bad to worse.

Final preparations are on the way, hope the end is smooth.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Bitter Lesson that I have Learnt with Time

I have learn t an important lesson today and that is I should always intermingle with people of my own class,never to stoop down my level. It may lead to isolation but at the end of the day people don't hurt you.

I have made a firm decision today that i will never share any information on my personal life with anyone, come what so may ever and i have decided to keep things private. I have paid the price of being over friendly with people.

I have stopped keeping faith in people and i swear by God that from now on nothing personal will be disclosed or shared.

Friday, January 1, 2010


The day started as a major shocker, Wg Comm Arun Kaul Sir  resigned and it was his last day, the Organization people were shocked, it was a sad day, a samaritan, saint, prophet and messiah was leaving.What could i say??
I knew that it was coming. I spoke to sir and showed him the new assignment offer that, he went through it carefully and told me to take it up.He blessed me and told me to be in touch. I will surely miss you sir.

Later i went to the House of Bhagwandas, had a couple of drinks with the Shalby friends and go t high, came back home , got dressed and went to the Hospital for my duty, had a small party with the Emergency staff.And that was it, i spent the day recollecting the events of 2009.