Saturday, December 26, 2009


It was Christmas and i took an off to spend it with Hazel Madam.I just loved it.I felt at home and was treated so  nicely, none of my relatives treated me in this manner. What a roller coaster ride it had been for me that day. Code Blue activated in the Morning, Breakfast at Ila sisters house , visit to the old city with Praveen and  Sir, food at Hazel Madams House and night out again with Ramesh. It was fun altogether.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the arms of the Dracula

Two Days Back the Dracula was walking out and he saw me, he called me as usual in his demanding way.I as per protocol wished him and he put his arm on my shoulder and said that i don't want any more complaint from your side,i gave him the usual clarification about the past incident, but he repeated the same sentence once more.

I was a bit tensed after that statement, what the hell, how many times do i have to live in fear. One small incident and such a big issue, i don't understand the Dracula's problem. Why does he act so Gothic at times.

Threat to my job is the biggest insecurity i have always had.But i can't live like this, everything has an official system, a procedure of doing things however dracula wants to put his head everywhere.

He does not only suck your blood, but he sucks your happiness, your life.I have seen people working in the Organization. There seems to be no organization culture at all. Everyone has become bound as a slave. So much that now it has become a part of their system.Is this what life is all about.

I have decided firmly to leave and never look back.i planning my way in each and every way.Its tiring at times, depressing morever, but i will go.

I can't stand Dracula anymore.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Samaritan is Leaving

The Samaritan in leaving. i just came to know about it yesterday. Eventually i knew it was going to happen one day, but i did not expect it now, not at such a crucial time,

In the one year that i have known him, i have found him to be a thorough professional, a true gentleman and a quintessential peacemaker. A master strategist and an immaculate HR person. He has an aura that attracts people towards him and people put blind faith in him.

However he has served his time out here and he will leave, his presence will always be remembered and people will miss him. And with him the professional people will leave because they know that after him the Organization is headed for a quagmire where unprofessional and uncouth people will run the Organization and professionals will be sidleined.

I will miss you sir and i thank you for all the help you have rendered me.God Bless you Sir!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Striving for Freedom


He who strives for freedom , to him shall we grant redemption. The pictures above show the scene of freedom , of life and what things look like beyond this hell. I wanted freedom, peace and tranquility and everyday i was striving for it , for god almighty only knows how he will deliver things to me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Organization and its Pestering Instrument

I was inducted newly a year ago. On the very day of my joining i was given the SIM Card Facility. I was so elated thinking that the organization was giving me good facilities, but no i was wrong. This chip or i would say instrument was a way in making my life hell.

It ensured that wherever you went off duty, it would not leave you in peace.It was a type of mental torture.
People called you anytime whenever they wanted, mobile manners was something they did not know.They did not even give the consideration that you are off duty, and having you personal time.

This was an instrument just to remind that no matter where you were off your duty hours, the shadow of hell would always follow you.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Prayer

Dear God,

I am waiting for your divine intervention, please help me and show me light in this dark world. I am quite distressed, please do not abandon me.Give me the hope so that i can guide myself through these turbulent times.