Saturday, December 26, 2009


It was Christmas and i took an off to spend it with Hazel Madam.I just loved it.I felt at home and was treated so  nicely, none of my relatives treated me in this manner. What a roller coaster ride it had been for me that day. Code Blue activated in the Morning, Breakfast at Ila sisters house , visit to the old city with Praveen and  Sir, food at Hazel Madams House and night out again with Ramesh. It was fun altogether.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the arms of the Dracula

Two Days Back the Dracula was walking out and he saw me, he called me as usual in his demanding way.I as per protocol wished him and he put his arm on my shoulder and said that i don't want any more complaint from your side,i gave him the usual clarification about the past incident, but he repeated the same sentence once more.

I was a bit tensed after that statement, what the hell, how many times do i have to live in fear. One small incident and such a big issue, i don't understand the Dracula's problem. Why does he act so Gothic at times.

Threat to my job is the biggest insecurity i have always had.But i can't live like this, everything has an official system, a procedure of doing things however dracula wants to put his head everywhere.

He does not only suck your blood, but he sucks your happiness, your life.I have seen people working in the Organization. There seems to be no organization culture at all. Everyone has become bound as a slave. So much that now it has become a part of their system.Is this what life is all about.

I have decided firmly to leave and never look back.i planning my way in each and every way.Its tiring at times, depressing morever, but i will go.

I can't stand Dracula anymore.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Samaritan is Leaving

The Samaritan in leaving. i just came to know about it yesterday. Eventually i knew it was going to happen one day, but i did not expect it now, not at such a crucial time,

In the one year that i have known him, i have found him to be a thorough professional, a true gentleman and a quintessential peacemaker. A master strategist and an immaculate HR person. He has an aura that attracts people towards him and people put blind faith in him.

However he has served his time out here and he will leave, his presence will always be remembered and people will miss him. And with him the professional people will leave because they know that after him the Organization is headed for a quagmire where unprofessional and uncouth people will run the Organization and professionals will be sidleined.

I will miss you sir and i thank you for all the help you have rendered me.God Bless you Sir!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Striving for Freedom


He who strives for freedom , to him shall we grant redemption. The pictures above show the scene of freedom , of life and what things look like beyond this hell. I wanted freedom, peace and tranquility and everyday i was striving for it , for god almighty only knows how he will deliver things to me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Organization and its Pestering Instrument

I was inducted newly a year ago. On the very day of my joining i was given the SIM Card Facility. I was so elated thinking that the organization was giving me good facilities, but no i was wrong. This chip or i would say instrument was a way in making my life hell.

It ensured that wherever you went off duty, it would not leave you in peace.It was a type of mental torture.
People called you anytime whenever they wanted, mobile manners was something they did not know.They did not even give the consideration that you are off duty, and having you personal time.

This was an instrument just to remind that no matter where you were off your duty hours, the shadow of hell would always follow you.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Prayer

Dear God,

I am waiting for your divine intervention, please help me and show me light in this dark world. I am quite distressed, please do not abandon me.Give me the hope so that i can guide myself through these turbulent times.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Lonely Times i Spent in my Room

It is these times that i will always remember. Spending weekends lonely in a room, all by myself. I believe that loneliness is the most dangerous aphrodisiac , if you get addicted to it , you start liking it so much that then you don't want to leave it. But it is this very loneliness which drives you to desperation and Insanity.At times it breaks you mentally and your souls gets very thirsty to connect with another person.

But the worst part is that you get so disconnected from the society that one fine day you realize that you are not a part of it.

God only knows why he put me into such a situation. Its has been more than 9 years since i am living like this, hope that the almighty will come down and redeem me.

Brother Rajneesh Nair

 Rajneesh Nair, Male Nurse, Emergency Department, Resident of Kerala.

He symbolizes those Thousands of Keralites who have worked hard to come up in life. His subtle and down to earth behavior caught my attention. Always ready to work and learn and go ahead in life was his motto. He delligently did his duty and never denied the responsibilities given to Him.

A real gem of a person, and i know that maybe one or two years from now i see him working in the Middle-East and rising up to a good Position.

With the Casualty Medical Officer Dr Ritesh Patel

The sweet little Puppy


 I was walking home at Night  and i saw this little puppy come and chase me all around.He was desperate for some love and from his eyes, it looked that he was looking for some shelter. Somwhere down the line i saw myself in the same league as this Puppy. Homeless, Hungry, uncared, unloved and abandoned.

Sometimes life can be very bitter.

My dream House

The dream apartment that i would like to own in future and one day i surely will.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Woman I Admire a Lot


There are some women who are suave, some are sophisticated, some scintillating and some just Sexy!!!!!

But combine all four qualities in just one person and you will have Miss Ambika Anand.

The Host, Anchor and Producer of shows on the NDTV Goodtimes.

AMBIKA , you are the woman of my dreams.

With Mr Anuj Sinha

 It was a good evening today. I got to spend some time with Mr Anuj Sinha at Karnavati Club.It was the first time that i was inside the club. I saw all elite people of Ahmedabad. But the best thing was that I got to meet Mr Sinha today. I felt good. He is a man with a strong personality.

Lessons I learnt from Sunil Thapa


Sunil Thapa-Age -19 yrs, Resident of Nepal.
I remember this Boy. Everytime i came to my place of work, i used to see him. He always did the same routine job as a Janitor, cleaning the Rooms, Floors and Washrooms. But what caught my attention was his enthusiasm. The gusto in his spirit to go ahead.

He had ventured away form home at an early age of 14  and had worked all these years in different places in India.He always kept up that smile no matter how sad he would be and no matter how much inner turmoil he was going through. At a meagre salary of just three to four thousand he used to put double his effort in the work assigned to him.

What could i say, i just loved him from the start.He was a good human being.One day he came to clean my room in the apartment that i was staying in. After cleaning he did not even ask a single rupee. That was the amount of selflessness in him. Not that i had done any special favor for him in the past, only that i used to greet him nicely.

At the end of the day we all are Human Beings Hungry for Warmth and Love, and when someone gives us that we feel good.

Sunil taught me an important lesson, that the Human spirit is the most strongest portion of the Human Body and it is with that spirit we have to live with and push ourselves forward.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Two things i need to succeed

Well if there are 2 things that i will need in order to survive and succeed in my professional career is Discipline and a godfather.

Discipline will get me going and put all my daily routine in order so that i can focus on my Goal. The need for a godfather is an assurance that someone is there to help me and be there for me in my bad times.

Discipline is all about the mind and it will eventually come and as far as godfather is concerned i will have to find that person and over time i will find him.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some Good Friendships

Me with Dr Gagan

I will Never get Married

Ya, that's true , i have finally come to that decision. It takes some incidents and some experiences for you reach to such an important conclusion. Till now i was living in some type of fantasy, but now i have realized that you cant live in a dream. When the harsh slap of reality gets past your cheek, the fantasy and all that bull shit goes right out of the Window.

I have decided now that i should concentrate on my Career and reach its zenith. That's my aim and that's what i shall do.

I hope god is there to help me.

There are times where some relations just click. Dr Gagan was one of them, he joined as the ICU registrar and we started to talk and found a lot of common things between us. After Arjun sir had left  i found myself lonely , but after developing friendship with Dr Gagan , i felt happy again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Well that's me , Bhaveen Sheth in 2009, I had undergone a lot of transformation.
I and hoping that things would get better from here

Monday, November 2, 2009

The factory has Started

Another week starts and again another round of Factory production starts in my Organization.Human beings will be taken as inputs and will be processed and again will be dumped back into their respective Wards.

I as usual will have to assure that the human beings are prepared for the processing, they should be ready as the input material.

Captain Do came today early in the Morning,send jitters down the spine of the poor laborers who were sleeping, poor fellows, some of them have been doing continuous duty for 36 hrs non stop , but who cares.Captain Do as usual repeated some ugly bad words.

Came back from the prison early in the Morning,was about to relax, when that bloody HR assistant called me. Piece of shit has now got the audacity to speak rudely to me. If he were not in the HR department, i would have broken his neck with my own hands.

Read Maximum City bu Suketu Mehta, was mind blowing.i will finish it tomorrow.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Humiliation He faced

24th September 2009,

I have a heavy heart today, after listening to Shashikant's story , it pains me that to what level people have to go to compromise their Dignity. So much was the humiliation that he just wanted to leave. Bad words and treatment of an Animal was all he faced and for what??? Only Rs 30/Hour, just for so much. The man on top shows big dreams to the people, only to leave them disillusioned  in the wards. When any service delivery is compromised, customers do get angry. But when medical service of your own relative is compromised, relatives go mad. The patient relations aunties come in the morning and promise the patients  heaven , but they don't even get the shit of heaven.All the anger is put on the doctor managing the floor.Sometimes i wonder that people have gone to such miserable levels to insult doctors , just because they did not get a pillow or a bed sheet.

The big man has a sound sleep and the low level underpaid doctors take the Hit and if they cannot manage the patients, they are blamed.

So this was the humiliation, when a man feels that his self respect and dignity is compromised, it hurts him mentally. His goes for a soul searching , asking one common question.

What bad did i do that i have to go through such a Humiliating Period.

Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why some stupid people never change

23rd September 2009,

Some major Emergency arrives at 6:00 A.M early in the Morning. Case of Road Traffic Accident, and hell breaks loose. The man at the Emergency can manage for Nuts, somtimes i wonder how do  these people get a MBBS Degree, why doesn't MCI conduct some IQ test before giving stupid youngsters admission into the Med School, anyway this guy is an old hag.

Now the consultants come in, another bunch of idiots, they don't know a thing except  for their field of expertise\Specialization. They go around shouting everywhere, they tell me what i should be doing.A life has to be saved and they tell me that i should hold a mock drill. Bullshit!!!!

I restrain myself and control my temperament,the job needs to be done, admission formalities must be completed.

Sometimes i believe that these stupid people score very less on the Emotional Quotient. Their Peoples skills are very poor. HR trainers in Hospitals must make it a point to train these stupid and idiotic consultants in soft skills, they are in serious need of it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Fanaticism in His Eyes

22th September 2009,

Today i saw the Fanaticism in his eyes, i have seen those eyes before, but not much in real life,  on Television, it is seen in the eyes of the Tyrants, terrorist leaders fighting for some strange idiotic cause. It is quite evident on the News Channel. But today it was different , this man's ambitions are skyrocketing and he will eliminate anyone who comes in his pathway.This man does not care, he will sell even himself to achieve what he wants. He has compromised on his ethics, a noble profession has been converted into a Factory Producing outlet, by taking in the input by more than  dozen without consider the Human Element in it. Sometimes i feel that can people be like him.

It crosses all boundaries of Human Sanity.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inspired-Thankyou Dr Gagan

20th September 2009.

I wake up late on a Sunday Morning wondering what i should do.Some stupid worthless woman calls me up and asks me  unwanted rubbish questions.I choose not to mention her name. Okay then i am hungry, so i head for the Hospital Cafeteria where i can have some good South Indian Breakfast. I go there meet some people and have my fill. Suddenly i remember Dr Gagan who is the Registrar in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) is there in the Morning Duty Today. With time he has become a good friend of mine. I meet him and we start talking. Somewhere in the conversation he mentions about setting up goals and keeping up the passion to achieve it, come what may. Over some time i have been loosing my passion towards my work and have settled for Mediocrity, but today his talk has made some difference in my life. He told me to be a perfectionist and be totally flawless, to be good with my theory and to start applying it in my real life.

This conversation has made some difference in my life, i have realized that i have to make my Knowledge base strong and have to achieve something. Eventually i am planning to leave this shit whole and when i leave it will be with one skillful dexterous stroke. And from now on i will plan for this. Joining a good Institution with a good working environment is now my Short Term goal and i will do it with a better salary and at a good position.

Thanks a Lot Dr Gagan, your talk has truly inspired me today.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Story of my Life

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Life as Bhaveen Sheth

Hi Friends,

I will be mentioning about the events that have occurred so far in my Life, i hope it makes an interesting reading.


Bhaveen Sheth